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eSCENTial YOGA™ is set of module training programs that are available as workshops or teacher training programs. The modules have evolved out of Y.E.S., Your Empowered Self®, and teach how you can harness the ancient practices of yoga and the healing powers of essential oils to help you become your best SELF. 

The modules can be taken individually or in two tracks ~

Track One is the base for the training and can be utilized for personal growth, or as a stepping stone to deeper knowledge through Track Two. Completing both tracks would offer yoga teachers an immense toolbox for how to grow and evolve their yoga classes.

For additional information and to schedule trainings, please contact me on the Contact Me page.

1. Pathway to

Your Authentic SELF

What is Yoga?

2. Your eSCENTial SELF

What are essential oils?

3. Nurture Your SELF

Emotional Wellness

4. See Your SELF Clearly

Finding Your Happiness

$788 or $198 each

1. Balance Your SELF

 Chakra Exploration

2. Restore Your SELF

Yin Yoga

3. Heal Your Self

Ayurveda & Yoga

4. Love Your SELF

Body Image

$788 or $198 each

Full Program


The Full Track includes all 8 modules from Track One & Track Two, all essential oils required, as well as the bonus Essential Oil Reference Guide.

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