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stop valuing doing more.

enjoy this moment.

your power resides within you. reclaim it.

this is your life.

this is your chance.

realize your strength.

choose happy.

inspire others.

believe in you.

accept. allow. be present.

love your life.

breathe. create. play.

be empowered.

you are kind of a big deal.

Find your Fire ~ Ignite your Power ~ Love your Self 

Exclusive essential oil blends to support your overall well-being, soothe the body, refresh the mind, and promote deep inner peace. 

S.O.S. Scents of Self   

blends for overall well-being. 

BE Balanced

blends to balance your Ayurvedic dosha.


blends to awaken and balance your Chakras.



Your Empowered Self®

Module training programs that teach how you can harness the ancient practices of yoga & the healing powers of essential oils.

Join us here or host your own workshop wherever you like!

*Two tracks for personal use

and for Yoga Teachers.

YA CEUs offered



A comprehensive training that explains

the history & origin of Yin Yoga, anatomy, the meridian & chakra theories, as well

as pose-by-pose specifics. 

YA CEUs offered

Training can be hosted as a 12-hour weekend workshop, or a full 18-hours.

In the longer program we delve deeper

into the chakras, energetics, the five elements and Ayurveda. 



I believe that the most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with your Self.

So, get to know your Self.

Nurture your relationship with your Self. Reconnect with your Self.

It is time.

Find your Fire 

Ignite your Power

Love your Self


un-wind: undo or undone after winding or being wound,

        relax after a period of work or tension


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