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Chakra Aromatherapy 

Saturday March 5th, 2022 1-3PM



Join me as we explore the combined benefits of yoga and essential oils to help you bring balance to your chakra system.  By using the principles of the chakras you can examine and begin to recognize where your body and emotions are out of balance. Bringing focus to your yoga asana practice combined with the use of essential oils can balance the areas of your body and life that need it.


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 Uncork & Unwind:

Summer Solstice Retreat 

June 17th-19th, 2022


Join us for a celebration of Dakshinayana! The summer solstice marks the longest day & the shortest night of the year, the beginning of the Yang/Sun season, a connection to the lower Chakras, devotion to Shiva, and a time to Heal Your Self. We will explore the Oregon coast, the five elements of nature, and how they relate to the sister science of yoga, Ayurveda (UNWIND). And we will sprinkle in the five senses and how they relate to wine (UNCORK)!

  • Friday - arrival, dinner, beach walk, Summer Solstice Yoga Practice, wine toast

  • Saturday - AM Yoga Practice, breakfast outing, Five Element & Ayurveda Workshop, lunch, Essential Oil Blending Workshop/Create your Own, Wine Tasting, dinner, Aroma Yin Yoga Practice with Yoga Nidra, bonfire

  • Sunday - AM Yoga Practice on the beach, breakfast, journal & reflection, Create your own Commemorative Bracelet, depart

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