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Do you need more BALANCE in your life?

Are you searching for the Yin to your Yang yoga practice?

Yin Yoga is not new. It may seem like Yin Yoga is the newest thing as it is showing up at more and more yoga studios on their schedules, but it is actually one of the oldest practices of yoga. So, although the name "Yin Yoga" is relatively new, the practice itself is very old. Delve deeper with me into the origins of Hatha Yoga, Ha is Yang and Tha is Yin (Sun and Moon), as we explore the roots from Taoist Yoga to what we call today Yin Yoga. 

Yang is about changing the world; Yin is about accepting it as it is.

12-hour Workshop

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A 12-hour Program for $178

This program is designed for both yoga teachers wanting to learn how to confidently teach Yin Yoga, as well as students looking to deepen their practice. 

*History and Philosophy

*Principles of Yin Yoga


*Energetics & the Meridian Theory

*Modifications & Use of Props


*Asana Clinic / Pose-by-Pose

(OPTION to hold the 12-hour Program followed up by a 6-hour "completer" session at a later date for $88. Priced separately for students to chose.)

18-hour Workshop

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An 18-hour program for $258

This program includes the 12-hour curriculum and adds further studies of the energetics of the postures and how to expand your practice. It is designed as a type of teaser full of options to further your studies. Come see what resonates with your Self! 

*Full 12-hour Program

*Mindfulness & Meditation

*Philosophy & Storytelling

*Pranayama, Mudras & Mantras

*Chakra Energy Centers

*Color Energy

*Ayurvedic Marma Points

*Essential Oils

May 3rd-5th

Gather Together Yoga

Eugene, Oregon

~ Early bird pricing available! ~

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