Find your Fire ~ Ignite your Power ~ Love your Self

Monthly Membership

Find your Fire ~ Ignite your Power ~ Love your Self

INvision Your Best SELF


Monthly Membership ~ $44 monthly


What makes you tick? What makes you happy? What sets you off?

It is easy to answer the question what is your 9-5, but what is your 6-8? You are not your job, your 9-5, you are so much more! Come explore with me as you learn to INcorporate the ancient practices of yoga into your daily life to go INside and get in touch with your Self to become your best Self!

Happiness is an INside job.

I believe in the ancient practice and philosophy of yoga. That the definition of yoga is to still the fluctuations of the mind. Not to improve your backside. (Although, if that happens... bonus!) The Yoga Sutra 1.35 offers that “the concentration on subtle sense perceptions establishes steadiness of mind”. Huh, the five senses? Everything we do, all information that we INtake, comes in through the five senses! Sensory experiences such as visions (sight), sounds, tastes, smells (aromas), and physical sensations (touch) can bring great calmness and peace. If you pay attention.


What is included each week:

  • Weekly Journal Prompt: Note to Self

  • Monday-Friday daily exploration of the five senses: BE Encouraged

    • Monday: HEAR what I’m listening to ~ may be a Spotify playlist, Podcast, a favorite artist or album

    • Tuesday: SIGHT what I’m reading/looking at ~ may be a quote, a book, a color, a visualization, a yantra

    • Wednesday: SMELL what aroma I’m smelling ~ may be an essential oil or blend, or a pranayama exercise

    • Thursday: TASTE what I’m eating or chanting ~ may be an Ayurvedic seasonal recipe, a mantra or chant

    • Friday: TOUCH what I’m feeling ~ may be a self-care practice, Ayurvedic marma point, mudra, or a gemstone

  • Saturday Yin Yoga Asana Practice

  • Sunday Yoga Nidra audio session

  • Unlimited chat and/or email support

  • Monthly Live Stream 2-hour Workshop invite (+$28 plus 2 hours YA CEUs)

  • Quarterly Weekend Retreat invites (during the Summer & Winter Solstice and Spring & Fall Equinox +$TBD)


“Anything that comes in through the senses is also regarded as ‘food’ for the body and therefore affects one’s mental, emotional, and physical health.”

~ Smtiti Srinivas

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