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eSCENTial Oil

Reference Guide

Just the facts. The basics. To get you started.

Clear, concise, and actually useful.

"Your sense of smell is ten thousand times more sensitive than your sense of taste."

My Essential Oil Reference Guide Provides you with a quick reference point for


Essential oils are all around us. Most of us have experienced the energizing aroma of a freshly squeezed lemon or the calming influence of a lavender bouquet. Scent accesses the limbic system in the brain which is the seat of your emotions. Essential oils offer an abundance of natural healing options and can be an important tool in improving your emotional, physical & spiritual wellness. Mind and body are inextricably linked; if you are not healthy mentally, your body will be negatively affected. And vice versa. Essential oils work on an energetic level to re-balance us spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, and offer many physiological benefits.


The routes through which essential oils react with the body and its metabolism are called pathways. Once absorbed into the surface layer (skin, nasal passages, lungs, etc), the oils quickly penetrate into the lymphatic and blood systems, and enter into the circulation. As the oils circulate with the blood, body tissues and organs can choose any portion of the oil that they need for healing. The most important pathway is that of smell as the vapor stimulates the olfactory nerve and directly contacts the brain. This direct connection is why essential oils can have such a profound and immediate effect. Your sense of smell is the only sense that is not filtered by the brain. Since smell is not filtered, we are unable to consciously control our reaction to it. Science has shown that our olfactory sense has a powerful link to the limbic centers of the brain where emotion registers and is most directly connected to memory. And because the lungs have an immediate connection to the blood stream, they carry molecules of scent to every area of the body, helping to calm & energize us. 

Essential oils are renowned for their ability to promote spiritual focus, enhance mental clarity, and emotional well-being. But they also have beneficial therapeutic and medicinal properties. Everything from common practical remedies for coughs & colds and cuts & bruises, to chronic pain resolution, and appetite control & weight loss. 

For each oil you will find:

~ A few key words to provide a quick insight of its usefulness

~ The formal Botanical Name for the plant the oil is derived from

~ Insight on how to use the oil for Mental, Emotional and Physical uses

~ An Affirmation to help focus your intention

~ It's note: top, middle, or base

~ The Color associated with plant the oil is derived from 

~ The Chakra that benefits from the oil

~ The Element associated with the oil 

~ A complimentary Gemstone or Crystal that further supports your intention


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